Multiples Specialist

Twins Sleep Trainer for Kayla and Bella

To Whom it may Concern,

Veronica is an outstanding baby care provider. My 16 week old twins fell in love with her instantly. We hired her after weeks of attempting to sleep train and get them on a schedule to no avail. Within one night, she had them and us running like clockwork. She is a true professional and takes her job seriously. Each night she came in, cleaned bottles, set up what she needed, and sent my husband and myself off to much needed sleep. It was wonderful going to bed knowing someone was going to take care of my girls the way I would do myself. She is a baby whisper and our own Mary Poppins. My girls have gone from fussing throughout the night, to just needing a quick bottle after 8 hours of sleep. She also took care of me. When my back went out, she kindly offered her massage services to take quick care of the problem. We will truly miss having her around now that my girls are ready for us to take over their night care as we continue their new routine.


Jessica Kiss-VanMarter

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Infant Sleep Trainer for a Baby with Reflux

We called Veronica when our 3-week-old daughter was having trouble with reflux and not sleeping more than 45 minutes a stretch. We were exhausted and not able to fully enjoy this wonderful time. Veronica has a career that spans more than 10 years and more than 100 babies, including multiples. She is well-read in the newborn literature and is probably more qualified than anyone to handle any situation. She is a postpartum doula, certified newborn care specialist, lactation specialist, and massage therapist for adults and infants, to name a few of her many hats. She has gone the extra mile to acquire not just extensive certifications but the knowledge and experience to excel at what she does. My wife and I are both physicians (type A personalities!) with particular concerns about safety and trust. Veronica quickly earned our trust and allayed our fears about letting someone else help care for our first and only child. Though she has admitted to me that my daughter is one of the most spirited babies she has ever cared for, I am thrilled to report that she is now consistently sleeping 3-5 hour stretches between feeds. Veronica is nothing but professional, kind, friendly, loving, and a great communicator. She treats our daughter as if she were her own. I give Veronica my highest recommendation. Hiring her was a great investment and has allowed me and my wife to be well-rested and to give our daughter 100%.
Daniel Le.

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Postpartum Doula and Infant Sleep training for Indiana

In December I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl after experiencing a very difficult pregnancy. I suffered from a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. In other words I experienced extreme morning sickness for the entire 9 months. It was so bad that I ended up cracking my ribs because I was vomiting non-stop. I share this with you because I was unable to physically prepare for the arrival of my first and only child. So while most new mothers spend the months leading up to the birth of their child educating themselves i.e. taking classes on how to care for an infant or reading the What to Expect When Expecting books, I had my head buried in the toilet bowl. As my due date fast approached, I soon realized I was not prepared to care for an infant. In fact, my experience with newborns up until now was very limited. I had maybe changed 2 diapers in my life.
 Enter Veronica. Veronica was referred to me by my sister who used her services 4 years ago after the birth of her daughter. To date, Veronica has been working WITH us since the beginning of December. I say "with us " and not "for us" because she has become a part of our family. To say she loves what she does is an understatement. She is extremely passionate about her job as an infant educator. My husband and I have learned so much from Veronica. Not only is our baby consistently sleeping through the night (yep, that happened within a month and half - over nine hours at a time!!), she has also taught us tricks to soothe her when she becomes fussy. Veronica taught me how to properly bathe and diaper my baby. She has educated me on everything from the best baby products to buy, to how to use them. Her patience is limitless, and I never feel judged or uncomfortable about asking questions. I feel completely free to disagree with her, though I rarely do. Her methods are clearly resulting in an amazingly happy and pain free first few months. When I hear my girlfriends complain about the lack of sleep, or their frustrations with feeding or sleep training, I nod sympathetically, but the truth is that I'm smiling on the inside. The proof is in the pudding!
Happy Mother!!!!Courie W.

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Sleep Training for Roxie and Sam

We had the pleasure of having Veronica assist in the care of our 2 week old twins during June of 2010. She is extremely capable and excellent at what she does. My husband and I were able to get much needed rest, and were confident that the needs of our twins were being met. The twins had a much more manageable sleeping and feeding routine after Veronica's 2 weeks with us. We do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Kathy A.

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Sleep Training for our 6 months old baby

We had the pleasure of working with Veronica Stang for two weeks. We called her to help us with our baby boy who wasn’t sleeping at night. He was waking at least 4-5 times a night. By the end of two weeks with Veronica, our baby was waking only twice a night and now two weeks later (continuing with the schedule she set for him) he’s waking only once a night. We could have never done this without her.

“ We were very clear with Veronica that we didn’t want our baby to “cry it out” in  order to “train” him to sleep through the night. She never left him alone and she was so caring and loving. The transition for him was done in a very gentle way and we were extremely pleased with her methods.

Our baby had a huge smile every night when Veronica walked in the door. We were a bit nervous about handing him off at night, but after the first night we knew he was in great hands. She treated him as he were her own child. We felt at ease right away.

At the end of the two weeks we were so sad to see Veronica go. She instantly became a member of our family and we tried to convince her to move In ! We loved having her and couldn’t recommend her enough.

Lora A.

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Sleep Training for Vaughn and Royal

 Veronica was fantastic in teaching our twin 

boys to sleep overnight. We now put them

down at 10pm and they wake-up at 6am like 

clockwork! After the first two months of being 

zombies, we are now happy and well-rested 


Patrick's Rating: 

                       * * * * *

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Brian A.

Sleep  Training for  Blake

“Veronica was an AWESOME sleep coach for us. She gave us tremendous comfort and suggestions without being condescending or making us feel we were doing something wrong. She has stayed in contact with us and checks in regularly even though it's been a while since we saw her last. I would recommend her to everyone who needed a doula, a sleep trainer or any longer-term care for their child. She rocks!” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Brian Altounian, 

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