Multiples Specialist

Sleep Training for our 6 months old baby

We had the pleasure of working with Veronica Stang for two weeks. We called her to help us with our baby boy who wasn’t sleeping at night. He was waking at least 4-5 times a night. By the end of two weeks with Veronica, our baby was waking only twice a night and now two weeks later (continuing with the schedule she set for him) he’s waking only once a night. We could have never done this without her.

“ We were very clear with Veronica that we didn’t want our baby to “cry it out” in  order to “train” him to sleep through the night. She never left him alone and she was so caring and loving. The transition for him was done in a very gentle way and we were extremely pleased with her methods.

Our baby had a huge smile every night when Veronica walked in the door. We were a bit nervous about handing him off at night, but after the first night we knew he was in great hands. She treated him as he were her own child. We felt at ease right away.

At the end of the two weeks we were so sad to see Veronica go. She instantly became a member of our family and we tried to convince her to move In ! We loved having her and couldn’t recommend her enough.

Lora A.

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