Multiples Specialist

Infant Sleep Trainer for a Baby with Reflux

We called Veronica when our 3-week-old daughter was having trouble with reflux and not sleeping more than 45 minutes a stretch. We were exhausted and not able to fully enjoy this wonderful time. Veronica has a career that spans more than 10 years and more than 100 babies, including multiples. She is well-read in the newborn literature and is probably more qualified than anyone to handle any situation. She is a postpartum doula, certified newborn care specialist, lactation specialist, and massage therapist for adults and infants, to name a few of her many hats. She has gone the extra mile to acquire not just extensive certifications but the knowledge and experience to excel at what she does. My wife and I are both physicians (type A personalities!) with particular concerns about safety and trust. Veronica quickly earned our trust and allayed our fears about letting someone else help care for our first and only child. Though she has admitted to me that my daughter is one of the most spirited babies she has ever cared for, I am thrilled to report that she is now consistently sleeping 3-5 hour stretches between feeds. Veronica is nothing but professional, kind, friendly, loving, and a great communicator. She treats our daughter as if she were her own. I give Veronica my highest recommendation. Hiring her was a great investment and has allowed me and my wife to be well-rested and to give our daughter 100%.
Daniel Le.

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