Multiples Specialist

Twins Sleep Trainer for Kayla and Bella

To Whom it may Concern,

Veronica is an outstanding baby care provider. My 16 week old twins fell in love with her instantly. We hired her after weeks of attempting to sleep train and get them on a schedule to no avail. Within one night, she had them and us running like clockwork. She is a true professional and takes her job seriously. Each night she came in, cleaned bottles, set up what she needed, and sent my husband and myself off to much needed sleep. It was wonderful going to bed knowing someone was going to take care of my girls the way I would do myself. She is a baby whisper and our own Mary Poppins. My girls have gone from fussing throughout the night, to just needing a quick bottle after 8 hours of sleep. She also took care of me. When my back went out, she kindly offered her massage services to take quick care of the problem. We will truly miss having her around now that my girls are ready for us to take over their night care as we continue their new routine.


Jessica Kiss-VanMarter

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