Multiples Specialist

The DeMaio's family ( Leo )

   DeMaio's Recommendation Letter 

Veronica Hinojosa-Stang worked as a Baby Nurse for our family for the first 12 weeks of our son, Leo’s life.  We were so lucky to find her as she was extremely comforting at a delicate time for us as new parents.  She was also very helpful and supportive during the first few months of breast feeding.

I had to go back to work after four weeks and it was very important for me to sleep at night so that I could function at work.  Joe and I were so relieved when Veronica arrived each night to take care of Leo.  The tips she gave us were invaluable:  how to swaddle properly, how to give Leo a bath, massage techniques, etc.  We loved her Must-Have Baby Items List and will definitely have the same items on hand if we have another baby. 

Veronica sleep trained Leo before she finished her contract.  After about two weeks, he started to wake for night feedings again.  We brought her back a month later and she waved her magic wand and fixed his sleep pattern in three nights.  He is still sleeping through the night without a feeding.

Veronica is amazing and if we decide to have Baby #2, she will be the first person we call.  We definitely recommend her to any family looking for a Baby Nurse/Doula.

Jen & Joe DeMaio